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Everyone knows about the problems in the mortgage industry. Our company is part of the solution  

We Buy in Bulk Quantities

Our company is helping resolve the mortgage crisis. We are in business to "buy-for-cash and re-sell for profit" large numbers of deeply discounted real estate secured first mortgages, as well as foreclosed houses and commercial properties. We buy at low "bulk-sale" prices. The assets we acquire are free and clear of debt when purchased, which helps keep invested funds safe. We expect, within three to six months of each round of acquisitions, to re-sell (or assist in refinancing) most of the assets acquired, for significant profits, with significant cash distributions to investors.  We may also keep some of these assets for cash flow, holding them for large potential gains when the real market enters the next recovery. The types of investments we offer, when offered and available, are based on market opportunities and are not guaranteed. Our investors don't buy these assets. They understand the risks and we do the work.

Investment Opportunities

When we have investment opportunities available they will typically feature:  

         Preferred Returns in a Secured Investment

         A generous double-digit interest rate

         A large share of potential company profits


Affordable Minimums / Approved for Retirement Accounts
Our usual minimum investment amounts, when investments are offered and available, are reasonable and affordable. Investments with us are usually approved for IRA and other retirement accounts, as well as for personal and business funds.

Real Estate as Inflation Hedge / Cash Flow
"Paid for" real estate has an intrinsic value, even in fluctuating credit markets. Like gold, it is traditionally used as an inflation hedge, but unlike gold, it generates cash flow. For more information please join one of our Conference Calls.

How We Do It
The key is low-priced acquisitions. The kind of deeply discounted real property assets and non-performing first trust deeds we are in business to acquire are now becoming more and more available.  See Market OpportunityProperties we buy are free and clear of all encumbrances; mortgage notes acquired will typically be secured by first deeds of trust.  Both can be re-sold at a profit when acquired at very low prices in bulk quantities. In our experience buyers will line up for them if the re-sale price is right. In some cases we may refinance properties we choose to hold, so we can quickly return investor capital. 

Who We Are
REO Profits Team, LLC,  was co-founded by a retired naval officer who is also a real estate attorney and developer, and by a former investment broker and real estate broker. See "Management".

*Learn More
We are offering a series of conference calls and presentations to interested parties. Please click Conference Calls and Presentations on the navigation bar to see dates, times and locations. 

Questionnaire Requirement
We are required by law to ask interested parties to complete a very simple Investor Questionnaire. Please click Questionnaire on the on the navigation bar.

*No offers to invest will be made or accepted at our introductory conference calls and presentations, but you can learn more about us and about the market basis for the opportunity.  Investments, if offered and sold, will be offered and sold only to those persons and entities who meet the requirements of the particular offering in advance, and will be offered and sold only by written prospectus. THANK YOU!


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